The Storm Of The Century That Wasn’t

I have a trip to The City (New York) planned. l travel tomorrow. So like every citizen with a pulse and access to anything that would deliver the news, I was paying attention to the Blizzard of 2015.

The best part of watching news-as-it-happens is that those live-on-the-street reporters just have to keep talking.

This is where Twitter comes in.

Nothing gets past the smart, cynical, and just plain funny folks out there with a TV and a Twitter account. 

The coverage was:

  • Spectacular – whiteout! / hurricane force winds! / lightning!
  • Epic – the perfect storm! / shut down the city! / stock up on supplies!
  • Harrowing driving in OMG! the #Blizzardmobile
  • Scientific – the European model indicates NYC is the squarely-in-the-path!*
  • Real-time – look at the snow accumulating on my hat!

Yes, every flub or lame statement was captured on Twitter, re-tweeted, favorited and shared. It was all about replacing wiper blades, reporting from inside the #Blizzardmobile, and falling down stairs (and not noticing their GoPro was. . .upside-down) to see an empty subway station.

I could say there was far more important stuff going on in the world to write about. But hey, the major news organizations were right there in the middle. Experiencing it first-hand.

Granted, if the storm had hit like the [European] models predicted, my trip would have been postponed, and my report delayed. New York 1  -  Europe 0

This has all made me appreciate the reason I live in Las Vegas. It’s usually dry and sunny. And wouldn’t you know, we’ve had two days of clouds and rain.  Which is completely and utterly Un. Bear. Able.

Thank God I’m heading to New York where people can handle that sort of thing.

And by the way, here’s to Dairy Queen for getting more inadvertent Twitter mentions than one can shake a Dilly Bar at. All courtesy of CNN.

This is what I imagine went on in Mayor de Blasio's office yesterday. . .

*First, why is NYC always the center of EVERYTHING? And second, aren’t US models good enough? Is being European more chic?