A Software Company With A Sense Of Humour

I research a lot of agency management software options for clients. I go to lots of websites, do lots of demos, and request a lot of information.

Companies get Big Points when they actually respond – with more than an automated “Thanks for your interest in our product! Our rep will be contacting you shortly!” (Then they never do)

Anyway, all this research can get Really Boring. So when someone slips in a bit of humour (yes, since they use ‘s’ in place of ‘z’; add a ‘u’ here and there; and always keep that extra ‘l’ (travelling) – I figure they’re Brits*), I just have to appreciate it. A little diversion.

So kudos to the folks at admation who used Tyler Durden as an employee name. Actually as an Account Manager. One can only imagine.

I’ll check out these folks - admation (not Fight Club) - more in depth later.

But right now I’m in the midst of IT / cyber security / business requirements / process mapping / PowerPoint prep hell. Once that’s done I’ll check out these mates and their solution.

A note about their software: I don’t see accounting or media tools, but it appears they have an awesome integrated asset management system. I. Love. That. And if you're looking for something that is only in the project management space, this just might be it. However, I can't recommend until I have a chance to demo it and grill their staff. Well, I don't grill, but I do ask a lot of questions.

*I apologize, guys. Australians, I think. That’s why the CEO looks like a rugby player. Oh God, am I jerk for thinking like an American? Or maybe it’s the Fight Club reference. I dunno.