this is about...

...the inner-workings of agency and in-house marketing departments. How things get done, or don't get done - why, and what it costs everyone in time, money and just plain grief.

For agencies:
If your agency isn't as profitable as it should be, chances are you won't make more money, get raises, bonuses, or, if things are horribly wrong, keep your job. It's that simple. Or perhaps things aren't going smoothly, and everyone is just a bit unhappy with business as usual.

There are a lot of reasons why agencies aren't profitable or running well. It can be anything from processes to tools, or people. Any of those will affect the bottom line. I can show you how to spot the holes in the system, develop a plan to fix them, and assist you in rolling out solutions that really work.

And now more than ever, agencies are on the hook to prove the value of each project for their clients. There are ways to track everything. Let me show you how to figure it out.

For in-house advertising/marketing departments:
In-house marketing departments MUST prove the value they add to a firm - or else management will outsource the work. You happen to be in the extraordinary position of knowing your product and audience really well. Now you need to do the work more efficiently and not only show the value you bring to the company, but have the time, resources and organization to do more. I have been in your shoes and can help you find solutions that fit a corporate structure.

One last item: I will address plenty of questions in the blog - so do please send your questions and thoughts my way.  I love to share my experience and wisdom in this forum, and open it up for discussion, however I do this for a living
So here's the pitch: if you would like one-on-one custom assistance, I'm here. Send me an email with contact information and we will determine what you need. I help you, and you pay me. Check out my consulting page, or go to my contact page and send me an email. It's that easy!