Remembering Carol Nashe

Carol Nashe was a friend and a colleague. She passed away on Friday, January 24.  There was no obituary in the Las Vegas Review Journal, however there was one in the Boston Globe – it is here.

She was undeniably a Bostonian, with a thick dialect, and a strident sense of right and wrong.

She was a consummate professional who never hesitated to call anyone out on a careless indiscretion, and always graciously accepted an apology – then proceeded on to do business.

Carol Nashe

Carol Nashe

I got to know Carol while involved in the local live blues scene here in Las Vegas. Her son is a musician, and she managed his band, BluesStorm. This white-haired lady had no problem walking into any bar (and this is Vegas) to meet the owner and make a deal to get her band into the venue.

She did the contracts, followup, promotion – and always made it to their gigs.

All this while dealing with health issues that would put any of us on the DL whining like babies.

She had a remarkable backstory that isn’t mine to share; but she overcame monumental odds that could put just about everyone I know to shame.

She just didn’t complain.

Carol was grateful for every. single. day.

I am better for having known Carol.

I worked with Carol as founding members of the Las Vegas Blues Society. And she should be honored for the work she put into the organization.

Carol was the only founding member still on the board that was founded in 2006.

Her name still appears on the website.

News of her passing does not.

And that, my friends, is inexcusable.

I hope the board gets their collective act together and do what’s right and let all the people who go to their site know that one of their own; one who was part of forming the organization; one who remained active on the board through all the various incarnations; deserves recognition for her years of service.

As of this post (Sunday, February 2, 2014, 2pm PST) there is nothing about Carol.

Whining about needing a webmaster doesn’t cut it. The site’s built in SquareSpace, so if you can log in and type, you can post something really nice about someone who always showed up despite the obstacles she faced.

I'm sure if anyone on the board reads this they'll be pissed at me. 

That's okay, I have no problem calling someone out on an indiscretion. I'll bet Carol would do that.