The Best Damn Creative

Another hero of mine Robert Ryman. 

Another hero of mine Robert Ryman. 

Today it’s about the heroes of the agency, the ones who get the credit. The Creatives.

Of course all that great creative doesn’t happen without a support staff, but I usually write about them. So it’s time to give the creative staff some love.

Here you go.

I have worked with two brilliantly talented creatives. Both named Jeff.

Jeff the Creative Director acted like a creative director - strong opinions, absolute direction, intolerant of mediocrity. He was from the copy-side, and came to our agency from a larger market and bigger clients. He required a higher-level of creative than we had ever produced. Our agency was noticed. We began winning awards. Oh yeah, the by-product of that was clients were pleased and doing well.

He did something else too. He nurtured his creative team in a thoughtful and positive way. He never coddled, but always asked for better. He was the definitive creative director.

Besides being a brilliant creative, he is highly intelligent. He not only introduced me to Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, he demonstrated how to develop great creative talent without damaging fragile egos.


When we are just being observed, we behave differently.

Jeff the Designer cares more about great design that anyone I have ever met. I have witnessed his process which he takes very seriously. He is an award winning designer; and again, a brilliant and intelligent creative.

Oh, yeah, and he hates advertising. Or more accurately, abdicating to individuals who don’t respect great creative and the thoughtful process it requires. He is cynical and has the most delicious speaking voice I've ever heard.

I was a graphic designer. After meeting Jeff I knew I had no business calling myself such. Talent like his is rare. He cares that the final result suits him.

When individuals believe so strongly in their own work, they go on to do it outside the confines of others. That’s where extraordinary creative thrives.

I love great creative. I love a well-written headline. 

I’m not great at either of those, but my passion lies in ensuring everything else is in order so great creative can happen. I am extremely fortunate I had the opportunity to work with both of these guys and come away knowing I have to clear the path so they - and people like them - can do their work.

If I preach anything (over and over again), it is this one thing: Get your agency in order so great creative can happen.

Distraction destroys creative, morale and profits.

Easy to understand. Now contact me.