Happy Birthday To Me

“Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.”

John Lennon

I’m not trolling for birthday greetings; this is a milestone birthday, so I’m serving-up a little reflection.

I didn’t cure a disease, write an epic novel, or invent the internet. I just experienced life.

Actually, I took part in it.

Oh, yeah. I was there.

Oh, yeah. I was there.

I think that anyone who goes out and does something – anything – has some of those Forest Gump moments. You know, the events that take place and you happen to be there. A witness to history.

Events don’t have to be monumental, but they’re more a sign of the times we live in. Take a look at any photos of yourself throughout your life and you can see those signs in what you wear, your hair style, or that first car you’re proudly standing next to. What books do you still have on your shelves?

I was born in the ‘50s, came of age in the ‘60s, got married and had kids in the ‘70s, divorced and developed my career in the ‘80s, remarried in the ‘90s, then my kids started having kids. Grandma in the ‘00s.

I remember the moment we got news that Kennedy was shot. I stood in line and took the Sabin vaccine on a sugar cube (no more polio). I watched the first step on the moon. Protested the war in Viet Nam – experienced the first loss of someone I knew to war. Attended a high school with forced bussing to further integration. Campaigned to lower the voting age to 18. Ditched my bra. Sat in a gas line. Grew an organic garden and heated with wood. Had babies using Bradley Method. Lost friends to a mysterious disease that became AIDS, and worked campaigns to educate those at risk. Worked two presidential campaigns. “Had It All” – kids/career/power-suits - as a single mom. Fought and paid dearly to fight sexual harassment. Cared for aging parents. Got my college degree late in life – via online education. Held my grandchildren for the first time.

Not to mention the ebb and flow of jobs, layoffs – from prosperity to not knowing if I can keep the electricity on. Somehow I made it here. And it’s all okay. Everything is pretty normal.

 So the cycle goes.

I don’t feel as old as my driver’s license states, or my reflection in the mirror. I’m glad where I am in life. I continue to learn, get involved, and live my life. 

So now I'll have breakfast and then prepare for my client meeting.

Take part in life.