Every Role In Your Agency Is Client Facing

Expert packing brought to you by Target. Expert shipping provided by UPS.

Expert packing brought to you by Target. Expert shipping provided by UPS.

I truly believe that every employee should care about the quality of their work. Whether it be great copy, stunning creative, or simply doing the mundane things well. Quality matters.

If crappy work goes to the client, if an email is sent with typos, if someone doesn’t return a call – or God Forbid – delivers late without prior notice, then it’s a pretty clear indication that the employee just doesn’t care. Lazy. Clueless that their lack of care is damaging the Agency.

Yes, even on deadline. There’s no reason to send out anything that hasn’t been checked – thoroughly.

So, it’s really important that every employee understand the requirements of their jobs and expectations of the level of service. From the Execs to the mail-room clerk. Everyone is, in one way or another, the face of the agency. Everything everyone does is a reflection of the agency’s reputation. The Agency Brand.

Once someone in your organization damages your reputation, your Brand, your relationship with the client , it takes ten times the effort to regain their trust – if ever.

That’s why the Execs – and every level of management – must make quality a requirement – and live by their word. Train, evaluate; make corrections and reward performance.

Just simple consideration for every product going out the door.

Do you ever give it a second thought?

I’ll bet that unless it’s a pitch or a whole new shiny campaign, most stuff is shuffled out the door without so much as a second thought. Done. Check it off the list.

So I’m taking management to task. Do you really know the quality of work going to your client?

I call on personal experience. Yep. UPS and I have another beef and I have an additional cast member: Target.

I’ve simply had my fill of something as simple as getting a delivery from an online purchase, and experiencing first-hand how crappy UPS customer service can be, and now, my new BFF Target, can’t even pack a flippin’ box.

I don’t know, blame it on solar flares, planet alignment, or maybe karma is just a bitch; but I can’t get a decently packed box from Target. Receive package, everything’s rattling around damaged, return, refund, re-order, receive something in even worse shape.

Packing, in this case a lamp base, in a box, with adequate packing materials, in a box that’s not the size of a dishwasher seems like a no brainer.

I’m thinking the folks who pack things at Target are smart enough to do it right.

I’m thinking the folks who pack things at Target really don’t care.

And I guess the guys at UPS deliver parcels that are visibly damaged with merchandise sticking out of the box because, oh, I may decide to keep it. Or maybe they know I’m that hag who went on Twitter to complain about them earlier this month and they’re totally ticked-off. Payback.

It’s a damn shame, I love Target. But buying online from them is just a pain. Choosing the delivery carrier isn’t a choice for the customer, unfortunately.

I’ve got to think that I’m not the only one with this experience. And that takes me to my next thought: How many dollars are lost every year with damaged product, plus the shipping, plus the labor to warehouse; pick and pack; man the customer service phones and customer service desk at the store?

Is Target making so much money that none of this matters?

How much more profit could they reap by doing something as simple as packing a box? Not to mention having a satisfied, life-time customer.

I’ll call them tomorrow, and try it again, because – I have one lamp base that made it unscathed. I just need its twin. Otherwise, I’d just find a pair of lamps somewhere else.

So, yeah, every job in your company IS important. That delivery your runner just made had an impact on the client. The clearly written email, follow-up phone call, and a thank you – all left a lasting impression.

So, I’ll give Target one more chance because I want the mate to the one lamp that is undamaged. But if the next one is delivered in the same uncaring manner, I’m done.

What’s worse than a dissatisfied client?

One who never comes back and complains publicly.