The Big Game and Sports Betting

I live in Las Vegas, one of the four states* where you can legally bet on pro football – and a bunch of other things, for that matter.

There’s a lot about gambling that I simply don’t understand. I used to work in a casino and asked one of the guys in the sports book to explain a few basics to me, and as he rattled them off, all I could hear was distant…chirping. I just didn’t understand all the stuff you could bet on and the ways to bet, or why you would make one bet over another. And I actually got an A in statistics.

These guys can figure out higher-level stats in their heads faster than your TI84. They have no equals on Wall Street. The only betting I could figure out was signing my name on a square. That’s for me. Pure chance.

Now there are a lot of things you can bet on besides the Final Outcome. And that’s what makes betting more interesting – at least for me.

Like how long the Harbaugh brothers will hug after the game; how many times the game is referred to as the “HarBowl” during play (I’d like to see the stats on Twitter for that one); or what Team Logo the Harbaugh parents will wear to the Big Game. Can you imagine how they’ve had to balance the boys’ feelings all those years?

Okay, it just begs a question – if I’m betting on whether Alicia Keys will add a word to the National Anthem – is that sports betting? And if not, can someone in New Jersey bet on it?

Wow, more questions than answers.

By the way, I want you to be a Responsible Citizen. Do not gamble online if it is illegal in your state. Instead, come to Vegas where you can enjoy betting on (just about) anything without fear of breaking the law. (I am more about improving our economy than worrying about shameless plugs.)

But you better get on a plane now. And get that room booked. Oh heck, skip the room. Fly in / fly out. Who needs to sleep?

*Here’s the answer: Nevada, Delaware, Oregon, and Montana.