Only in Vegas a Giant Heart

You gotta love it. We have a pyramid, volcano, the Eiffel Tower, gondolas, a pirate ship, awesome Chihuly installation – and a Giant Heart.

And that lovely, anatomically-correct muscle is finding its home inside the pyramid. Check out the slide show courtesy of the Las Vegas Review Journal, Photos by Jeff Scheid, all rights to the story and photos belong to the Las Vegas Review Journal.*

So imagine checking in for Superbowl®** Weekend and finding this Giant Heart in the way, keeping you from getting your game-day on. (There’s a copyrighted photo of a guy waiting to wheel his suitcase in for a weekend of fun – while he watches the 13-foot symbol of life and love pass by)

And of course, there was a posse – or rather a caravan (fitting for its final location inside a pyramid) – of ambulances that escorted that big 600-pound Giant Heart down the Strip.

Meh, L.A. had the Space Shuttle. Vegas has a spectacular Giant Heart. And we didn’t have to remove trees to get it down the road. All the better. We just know how to git ‘er done here.

I wonder if Dodge®*** will do a TV spot showing their awesome towing capabilities – of a giant heart. In Vegas.

You see, you just have to come here. It's all That reminds me – Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Forget the chocolates and roses, and show your honey how much you love them with a trip to Vegas, and a in-person viewing of the Giant Heart. Now that speaks L.O.V.E. My bet is that it will be memorable.

Oh, by the way, the pyramid is called The Luxor. And the light at the top is the Brightest Spot On Earth. Yep, Vegas again.

*Okay, I give credit because first, I’m a good citizen (I always link-back to the original story), and second, because there was an outbreak of copyright lawsuits against bloggers who used the RJ’s stuff. I think that’s blown over, but to the guys at the RJ – I really love you – I mean it.

**Also, if you have ever done research into copyrights, trademarks, etc., you know what a pain it is to use the real name of anything, anywhere unless you have purchased rights. So I love the Big Game and used its actual name in my blog with a link to their very cool site. I love them too. Support your team!

***Overkill, perhaps, but credit to Dodge too. Maybe a new record for links on a blog.

I wonder if I should have credited the Space Shuttle…