Opinions On Healthcare

In the process of sitting around watching my husband recover, I had a lot of time to be productive.

Time where I couldn’t really focus. Therefore I had plenty of time to watch a lot of TV.

So during the two week stay in the hospital, I watched the news as the Healthcare site launched – and then imploded.

Talking heads.

Whether it was cable – MSNBC, CNN, Fox; or network – who watches that?; The talking heads all had opinions.

Politicians decried / defended.

How many hours a day can you fill with talk of Healthcare.gov?

Twenty-four. Exactly.

But what are the facts?

Well, the federal site didn’t work well. States’ sites worked better. Some people are signed up. Some people lost their insurance.

What is my opinion on healthcare?

I just witnessed what awesome healthcare coverage can provide.

Hopefully, everyone will have access to healthcare.

I just have no idea when that will happen. And I can bet my guess is as good as anyone’s.