Leading The Horse To Water

It’s true, you can’t make them drink.

It takes magical thinking and a sparkly unicorn to assume that all the best efforts to help an agency make changes – will actually work without the head honchos on board.

Best efforts require the support – and participation – of management.

You, guys and gals, are not exempt.

I do this for a living. Go into an agency, determine what’s wrong, and deliver the (often) brutal reality.

I don’t assume anything, but I do have expectations.

I can deliver, but it’s up to you to make change successful.

You're already successful? OK, let's see of you can translate your creative success to truly managing your business successfully.

Making enough to pay the bills and your employees; or keep the CFO off your back until you figure a way to cut back (or worse hide) staggering out-sourcing costs, isn't being successful. It's just survival.

Having fun? (If you are, then you are clueless and doomed to fail - sorry.)

Everyone – from the kid who picks up food for the all-nighter, to the Awesome Creative Strategists who dream the impossible, to the workers who get it done – have a part in making the whole thing work.

They are all part of the solution – and that means understanding and adopting how process works, defined roles create clear responsibilities, and new systems make things easier.

Even culture will improve.

Agencies who hire me* are making an investment in working better: creating efficiencies, understanding where they’re making a buck, getting their people to whine less.

This isn’t rocket science, or brain surgery, or anything remotely complicated.

It’s simply the realization that things could be better, hiring someone who will review, assist and guide you through the icky stuff you don’t want to think about – and make it happen.

However, it doesn’t really happen unless you – Principal, Partner, Owner, VP, CEO (or your favorite trendy title) – support the changes needed so you have fewer headaches, make your department more functional, and actually make a little more money for you and your company.

Bottom line: If you want to do all that magnificent creative, get your house in order and be a part of keeping it tidy.

Imagine that. Sparkly.


*email me your greatest headache: charlotte@charlotteblauer.com