The Big Next Step To Organize Your Agency – Get Help!

This week, I provided good information on identifying the frustrating issues that are wreaking havoc in your agency or marketing department.

Not intended to be mind-numbing, I have to admit it is the less exciting side of agency life: process, software – ugh!

But to be successful, profitable, and less of a grind in everyone’s daily duties, going through this process and getting organized is imperative.

Don’t have the time or resources to do it? That’s where people like me can help.

I know. I’m pitching.

But think of it this way, you don’t hire a rookie to shoot a TV spot or build a website for a client. Maybe you need help in the process of discovering your process so you can fix your process.

You can learn as you go, but it can time consuming and expensive. I would imagine you have other responsibilities - like work? Who has time for this? Re-dos in software implementation are unfortunately common due to lack of preparation and simply not understanding from the start how many details are involved. I think I have re-launched solutions for clients as often as I have implemented new ones.

I have talked to and worked with dozens of consultants in this industry. My world is smaller than most. I only consult in the area of agency operations. How to make your agency work better. I'd love to think I'm a creative genius, but no, I leave that to the creative geniuses.

As you start the demo process, as I wrote about in yesterday’s post, the sales reps will probably tell you their solutions will solve [all] your problems. 

Nope. Not even close. That’s why I do what I do independently from the software providers. They are there to sell you software (some listen better than others). Software will fix a bazillion problems - all related to capturing and managing data.

But here’s what software doesn’t fix…people. Software doesn’t understand or fix how people work, what they’re willing/not willing to do, capable/incapable of understanding, how clients can dictate everything (if you let them), and how management fails to really understand what their staff is mired in.

The cleanest process and an outstanding toolkit doesn’t address any of that. And as I’ve said before: people – from partners to the intern – can derail any new system if the people issues aren’t addressed.

My evaluations always account for the human factor. Software doesn’t do that.

So back to the pitch. Evaluations, determining requirements, fleshing out roles and responsibilities, reviewing solutions – that’s just the beginning. It’s work and you need a dedicated team including a leader who is thick-skinned, fair, with a sizable slice of empathy. New systems are disruptive, and should be – for the better.

Software doesn't solve everything. Chocolate does. Konstantinos Dafalias

Software doesn't solve everything. Chocolate does. Dafalias

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Next step is selecting software! Wow, advertising is exciting!