The purpose of my blog is to acknowledge the day-to-day in an agency or in-house marketing department and provide ways to make things run smoother. Less stressful. Efficiently.

I’m hired by management to assess the situation and recommend solutions. I do that by talking to everyone – from the CEO to the kid in the mailroom (which could be one in the same). I find out what they do, how they do it, the tools they use and the gaps, hurdles and obstructions that waste their time.

Then we outline them and tackle every issue.

So, while catering to the guys and gals who hire me, I know the ones who really know the score are the people doing the work. They are pushed, stressed and giving their best to overcome some pretty ridiculous situations. Rules / lack of rules, redundancies, little direction, interruptions – and still deadlines loom and budgets must be met. A deep well of knowledge exists there.

Tack-strips in this car chase are everywhere. Yet the staff is committed to getting to their destination: get the work done.

Treat them right. They’re generating revenue.

So to all management, I will often call you out on the blunders you make – knowingly or unknowingly – so your business will run better and you can retain staff that will do whatever it takes to do amazing creative.

Your Moment of Zen. freeimages.com/thomasmoller

Your Moment of Zen. freeimages.com/thomasmoller

Buck up. Do the same for them.

This is tough love for those who take the chances, put everything on the line, and make the opportunity possible for everyone in their agency.