My Hometown And A Presidential Visit

I have lived in Las Vegas nearly 11 years. But way back when, I spent most of my life in Portland, Oregon. I grew up in Multnomah, and spent most of my adult life living near the Nike world campus. Well, it wasn’t a campus when I moved to Cedar Mill. About that time, Nike was just getting unstuck from the waffle iron. I digress.

Anyway, I read today that the President, Mr. Obama, is in Portland, then he’s going to visit the Nike World Campus, and there’s this huge trade deal in the works, and Nike is looking to bring some jobs back to this country – and so on. Interesting if you’re into international trade and tariffs, labor issues in foreign countries and so on.

And it’s interesting because this is happening in my old ’hood.

So, the Prez is in town and I read this piece on OregonLive warning folks of what to expect with regard to traffic delays and so on. The type of reporting that’s helpful. The writer, Joseph Rose, even took the time to explain why the Leader of the Free World doesn’t travel by helicopter, which would make it way easier for everyone to get around.

So, like with any story that isn’t really political (it’s about avoiding traffic delays), the visit revolves around the President and trade, therefore politics will come to play – and I always read the comments.

Why? Because if you want to understand the sentiment of a group (who are willing to speak out and take the time to do so in writing), read their comments.

Lots of opinion to go around. But there was one nugget in there: These visits can be really expensive for the local communities, especially when the President travels during busy commute times. Why not drive the city streets earlier or later? Or better yet, why not have the business leaders travel to DC and save everyone – the local taxpayers and the workers (who have to make major adjustments to leave early, get home or to their next job or pick up the kids late) a ton of cash?

What is the cost to the city and its citizens for these visits?

I couldn’t venture a guess, but a lot of people are happy to have the Commander in Chief come to their town for a visit. Just don’t disrupt their lives. As the commenter said, “You work for us, we don't work for you....have some respect for your electorate. Wow, coming from an Oregonian.

I have to say thank you to the commenter on that story. Opinion on trade, or the President is one thing, but to actually make a logical recommendation? (Well, I think it’s logical) It’s what an open forum is about.

Opine, but also make suggestions for improvement.

As Tip O'Neill said "All politics is local". Sure is.

I promise I'll get back to advertising, organizational and project management, and software - 'cause that's what you all love so much.