You Now Have Justification To Attend A Conference

I get lots of notices for industry conferences. Everything from Large Format Printing, to Increasing Agency Valuation, to Finding Happiness at Work.

Lots of information. Lots of reasons to attend. Lots of reasons to tell your boss you have to go. And that does not include shopping and hanging out with friends in the brewpubs around the corner from the hotel – except after hours.

I have been to many conferences, spoke at a few and have found one thing to be true above all else: no matter what the subject or content, you will probably gain as much from talking to other attendees as from sitting in a session.

Not that sessions are boring or not relative to what you need to know (you should pay attention), but often, sessions provide the subject matter. They provide the topic to discuss and debate with your colleagues.

Conferences are also great for finding out what is working for others’ agencies, and applying it to your agency. Or the other way around – share what’s working for your agency.

And just an aside: you can find your next job there – or find out that you really don’t want to work at that legendary, dreamy agency – because they too, have just as many (and the same) problems you want to escape.

If anything I have learned over the many years of working in agencies and marketing departments – and with them is this:

Nothing is unique. No agency, no creative director, no project manager – no issue. Sometimes it’s a little more bizarre, but pretty much, we’re all alike.

So go to the conference and hang out with others – like-minded individuals. You’ll learn from them too!

You’ll find out that any successes or issues you have in your agency (and you do), are the same that others are dealing with. You aren’t alone.

advan conference.JPG

So with that, if you are an Advantage/Webvantage user, check out their upcoming conference happening next month, October 19 - 22. Go to their site and check it out.

Added bonus, I’ll be there. I won’t be speaking, that’ll be up to their amazing staff, but I’ll be around to give you a first-hand account of the process of implementing what I consider to be, the best agency management program available.

I speak from experience on that one. I have worked with lots of software over the years. And as a disclaimer, I am a preferred Advantage consultant. Truly, I wouldn’t go out on the recommendation limb if I hadn’t personally implemented and used it myself – successfully.

And . . . this is your chance to get a little of my “advice” for free. Wow!

There’s even a more better bonus: It’s in Vegas. My hometown. Arrive a few days early and enjoy the Strip.

Conferences don’t get any better than that.