West Coast Leg Of The Agency Salvation World Tour Is Done!

Just finishing up my West Coast Leg of the Agency Salvation World Tour, and met with some lovely folks who just want to get their agencies (and marketing departments) in order; get projects done on time and on budget; and get just a little compliance in the vicinity of timesheets.

What I learned:

  • Every agency/marketing department tries switching around things to make the agency better.
  • Moving people around physically so they engage with people they normally don’t talk to – whether that’s avoidance because they’re jerks or they get comfy with the same people.
  • Reorganizing the reporting structure and assigning new titles – I find this like the proverbial re-arranging of the deck chairs, and often with a similar outcome. Like I’ve said a million times: if you want to know how to make things better, ask the people doing the work. Management comes up with these lame ideas to shake things up and it’s a waste of time. Ask your employees.
  • There’s awesome creative coming from in-house marketing departments. Their creatives are legit.
  • Catalogs (and other print mediums) are not dead. What’s this trend I’ve been reading about with online news organizations and retailers going to print? Hmmmm.
  • Everything you’re experiencing is not unique. So if you have a question and need some help, 100 percent chance I’ve seen it or experienced it personally. I can help.

So, I’m planning another tour the end of summer. Looks like Midwest and/or South. What’s going on in your agency? Need someone to come in and point out . . . the obvious? Or perhaps a chat about that open space concept you’re thinking about?

There are a few other things I learned along this Tour:

  • Act normal during an earthquake in Southern California. (I had to go on Twitter to confirm my suspicions).
  • The Pacific Northwest is usually torrentially rainy, yet I had warm(ish) sunny days in Portland AND Seattle!
  • Awesome customer service comes in the form of Les Scwab Tires. Thank you for fixing my flat tire (south of Olympia) FOR FREE. I’m patiently waiting for them to finally come to Las Vegas.
  • Portland’s streets have become smaller – and there is tons more traffic. Beaverton? Yikes! A parking lot!
  • Never, ever flash anyone. He/She may become your boss one day.

Send me your suggestions for stops on my next Tour!