Your Employees Will Save Your Sorry A**. Really.

Before, during blissful ignorance.

Before, during blissful ignorance.

The other day I wrote about how complaints make their way up to top-level management – and the reason that happens is because complaints aren’t addressed early and that they are just basically lousy managers. And this means you Mr./Ms. Partner, CEO, or Thought-Leader (ugh!).

The direct result of blissful ignorance.

The direct result of blissful ignorance.

If you’re such a bloody visionary, then why are things late, wrong, and over budget in your agency or department?

Disruptive thinking won’t fix what’s not working. Oh, a new paradigm?


Let’s go back in time.

Some guy came up with a thing. A thing that would make the world better and make him a whole lot of money. Like a car.

So this guy started making cars. He figured a way to make them better, faster and cheaper. He made money, his employees made money, and everyone bought a house. Then everyone started applying this amazing process to the way they made cars.


Fast forward to, oh about, 1975. That same company with that guy’s name, was turning out pure shit at a killer pace. His employees didn’t care (well I’m sure some did), as long as they finished their job and got a paycheck at the end of the week. They continued to buy houses.

Then another company started making better cars. Employees cared about the product. THEY gave input on how to make cars better. Management listened and rewarded them for their suggestions. They continued to improve until one day…they were the largest car manufacturer in the world. Their employees bought houses too.

Ask your employees and they will tell you what is wrong and what needs to be improved. And even a little bonus – they’ll probably tell you how to do it.

Because you, up there in your awesome office, don’t have a clue about what’s going on. That’s because you don’t ask anyone anything. And my hunch is that you actually think you know more than they do.

So, once again, a major shout-out to those who do the work. The ones who show up and crank out creative stuff every day despite the lousy leadership, paradigm disruptions and whatever new management philosophy is adopted from the latest thought-leader guru.

It’s so simple. But I’m sure the last thing you want to hear is the truth.

But if you’re tired of complaints, and really want to fix it, at the very least find out what’s going on.

If you have the nerve.

And something else, about this disruptive thinking thing, employees actually do like a little routine. They like to know what to expect, plan their day and get their work done…for you.

Imagine that. Productivity.