Held hostage in Hodgkins.

Held hostage in Hodgkins.

UPS = 1   Gramma* = 0

I preach expectations. That’s why, in advertising and marketing, we set expectations so that we deliver, at the very least, what the client needs (wants is in there too), the agency makes money, and everyone keeps their jobs that they actually like.

Expectations come with responsibility on everyone’s part to pony-up and do what’s, uh, expected of them.

How do they know those expectations, you ask?

We have agreements. Agreements in the form of a SOW or Job Order, Estimate and a Timeline. We agree to give our client great work (beyond good), for a specific price, delivered by a specific date. Those agreements are shared with the team, and we go about our day - meeting expectations.

How hard is that?

So we have people and tools in place to ensure all that happens. Account, Creative and Project Managers (yeah, it takes a village). We document, create, track costs, set interim due dates – all of that structure so our little company (and the client’s) continues to exist.

So imagine a Great Big Company like UPS with their Big Tool called Logistics doesn’t meet expectations. What happens to them? Usually not much. Well, apparently they do get in trouble if someone in Washington doesn’t get their holiday package on time. But that was last year so I’m sure they learned something.

However, today isn’t the holidays, there isn’t a surge of shipping, there isn’t bad weather, and I didn’t order late.

I ordered my grandson’s birthday gift on time, paid my money and checked for the anticipated delivery date – which at the latest, would have been delivered in time for the Big Day.

Simple – expectations.

Now that I’m dealing with the eerie coincidence that once I complained via Twitter for the World to see, my package stalled in Hodgkins, Illinois. I guess I must be okay with the fact that my grandson at least got his birthday card, delivered by the US Postal Service. It got there on Tuesday.

So, yeah, it’s all about expectations. Because when you tell me you’re going to do something and we have a clear deadline, and then don’t deliver, I don’t want to hear, “I appreciate your patience.”

Patience does not apply to missed deadlines. Or a birthday gift held hostage in Hodgkins.

*I like Gramma better.