You’re Gonna Poke Your Eye Out!

You’ll break your neck! You’ll wind up crying! Someone’s Gonna Get Hurt! You heard them all. If you have kids, you’ve probably said something like that.

 The scene of the crime is also the scene of rehab.

 The scene of the crime is also the scene of rehab.

When it happens at work, we just laugh it off and go back to work.

It happened to me, and didn’t involve getting hurt, losing an eye or breaking my neck.

During a morning activity in the office, there was a bit of a ball-toss game that was fairly controlled. But boys, being who they are, really got into the game. Then the Diet Coke that is a regular fixture on my desk became a victim. Then my Blackberry became a victim.

In all the scrambling to get the ball, my beloved Diet Coke – which was full – became up-ended over my Blackberry. My glasses sitting in a case got doused, but they are fine. Thank you.

So the rush to blot up the soda was on, as well as getting the battery out of my phone before it fried.

After cleanup and a Google search to find the best way to dry out a phone, the pieces are sitting nicely on my desk.

Thanks to Ben for the inspiring game; who was also kind enough to use his dry phone to immortalize the rehab.

How can I hold it against him when he has introduced me to the best tacos in Vegas? 

Thank God he didn’t bring in the John Deere today.