Rob Strasser Update – The Legend Unfolds

The past couple days I wrote about Rob Strasser and his legendary list. I sent an email off to adidas America corporate office to get some facts to back up the legend, thinking it would be a few days – or maybe never – that I heard anything.

Not so. A few hours later I received an email from Ina who provided more background and a photo she took of the list – which was on the wall at Rogue Pub.

Image provided by Ina, adidas America. Thank you Ina!

Image provided by Ina, adidas America. Thank you Ina!

Ina also put me in touch with Peter Moore who wrote back:

“Interesting this comes up every few years.

First the list is correct.

It was not written on a napkin, but it was written on a paper place mat, food stains and all, it hangs in my studio.

The list was not about adidas America's mission but more about the kind of company and the characteristics we wanted adidas America to have.

The idea was to be different, not to be so influenced by numbers and financials but to create something people would want to embrace and work for.......we asked them to work way harder for far less than they were used to, at least in the beginning.”

What I find so telling here is that the list: Unique, Simple, Interesting, Unexpected, Understandable, Meaningful is relevant and practiced.

In a time where we get bombarded with requests – daily / hourly – I found it to be a pleasant surprise that a couple people took the time out of their day to not only answer my question, but provide more background.

It's important to keep this kind of vision alive in how we work – every day – and not just one of legend.