Rob Strasser's Vision

                   adidas original samoa

                   adidas original samoa

I’m originally from Portland, Oregon, and remember very well the birth and growth of Nike in the ‘70’s (their world campus is five miles from my old neighborhood). And I also witnessed the birth and growth of adidas America in the ‘90’s – the office of which was originally in the same vicinity. (Curiously, adidas America is now located in a former hospital – where both of my children were born – weird, I know.)

So having these two huge companies in your backyard makes it more personal. I had (and still have) lots of friends and former colleagues working for one company or the other. Both companies take good care of their employees, and are good stewards of their environment – not to mention how much they give back to their community. Thank you for all the jobs by the way.

But this is about Rob Strasser who was the first CEO of adidas America. The people I knew who had the opportunity (of a lifetime) to be with that company at the beginning were truly inspired by Mr. Strasser’s vision and passion.

So my husband reminded me of a list that Mr. Strasser wrote when starting adidas America. Legend has it that he wrote it on a napkin (where all great ideas and inspiration start), and that it’s on a wall at a brewpub in Portland. (If you know anything about this – please let me know!)

Here’s the list:


Rob Strasser became CEO in February of ’93, and died in November of ’93. A few months to inspire everyone in the company – the inspiration still lives on today.

We all should take note of the list in everything we do. Every day.