You Can Have Any Stupid Opinion You Want

That’s what my Dad said to me, not in anger but in exasperation, when my sister and I were arguing about the war in Vietnam.

It holds true for just about any opinion about anything.

What Dad’s statement means to me is, yes I have an opinion, and in the Big Picture, it’s just plain irrelevant to anything or anyone – except me.

And yes, my opinions about Vietnam were really important. My sister had it all wrong.

But opinions can be dangerous – if they spark a riot, sway the public as if it were fact, cause a divorce, or send you to a crappy restaurant.

Think about the origin of your opinions on anything. The type of music you like, what you wear, where you’ll be ‘seen’, how you vote. Are they originated in experience? A convincing argument? Research?

Until there is proof, we just have opinions.

And yes, they are stupid. Except for mine.