Why You Need Training on New Systems

Whether you’re implementing a new process, workflow, or a new software system, you MUST train your staff. And…they must attend without distraction.

Attentive engagement conveys clear expectations and provides a valuable forum for addressing concerns, complaints and for making improvements.

Without training, and active participation, your lovely, funny and highly talented team turns into whiners, tormentors, or escape artists.

Addressing issues and making adjustments shows you have a system that is built for the agency – meaning your colleagues – rather than one individual’s desire to exert control or torture colleagues.

There will be haters. They exist everywhere and usually feel they are being subjected to something they don’t deserve. Nobody is special. Sometimes it just comes down to: Do the work because I said so.

The reality is that your workplace is just not a democracy. Employees have to do certain boring (and seemingly irrelevant) administrative stuff so management can tell how much money they’re making. That’s so they can shower everyone with the extra oodles of cash coming in from increased productivity.

Something else about training: I have been a trainer, and I have held positions from production artist to designer to project manager. Training on software is one thing – where to click, what to fill-in.

But training that is tailored to your structure, culture, and specific processes, is essential for the software to make sense to your organization.

Software training within your unique context is simply more effective. It has traces of familiarity – because it was customized to your needs; solves the issues that have been the root of chaos; and is relevant to your agency.

Changes can turn an agency or in-house department upside-down. But it doesn’t have to.

Make the solution your own – and ensure training to get your people on board.

Trust me, it won’t feel like torture. And they may even love you for making life just a little easier.