Time Changes Things

When we go through difficult situations, things change. Well, our outlook on things change.

We are heading home today after five weeks in New York, two of which spent at New York Presbyterian.

All those issues related to work, daily life, The Affordable Care Act – all that stuff – is just stuff - filler.

We come out on the other side with a better perspective, putting what’s important ahead of the insignificant.

Less reaction, and just letting certain things . . . go.

We have a long road ahead and couldn’t have done this without the massive support of family, friends, nurses, doctors, specialists, cabbies and the café down the street.

My husband will recover, I’ll keep on working, and eventually we’ll settle into our new routine.

I will continue to take care of my clients while remaining mindful of what’s really important. Because in the end, they too need to eliminate the daily ‘stuff’ that trips up their day.

Recovery just takes time. Allow it to happen.