Failure to Launch Because It Doesn’t Look Like Facebook

If I’ve seen it once, I’ve seen it a dozen times. (Well, actually, more.)

An agency buys awesome management software. It will do everything they want, and more importantly, everything they need.

Your employees train, prepare and then you go live!

Then. Everyone. Hates. It.

  • It’s too different.
  • There are too many clicks.
  • I don’t like the color.
  • Why are you making us do all this work?
  • Can it look more like facebook?

Let the whining commence.

Well, there are a few (very common) reasons why this happens.

  • No one was forewarned.
  • You didn’t take the time to get input from the folks who will be using the software. (Accounting or IT set it up)
  • Your software provider doesn’t offer assistance with implementation, training and support. (Quick, run the other way!)
  • You didn’t customize the program to work specifically for your workflow.
  • You didn’t plan on how you would actually transition to the new software.

Your agency has made an investment in software, employee time and good will. So planning ahead, utilizing the support, training and guidance offered by your software provider is huge when it comes to successfully launching new software. 

Your software provider doesn't offer support? There’s yet another huge consideration you may have overlooked.

(Also, hiring someone who knows their way around the software, and understands agency life and all its inhabitants' quirky ways doesn't hurt either.) 

Wait! Before you throw in the towel, or worse, look for yet another software solution, consider the implementation process, involve representatives from each department to review options and . . . address the whiners. If they have valid complaints, fix the issues. If they’re just unwilling to adapt (or adopt), it’s time to address the people issues. They just need to buck up and do their job.

Because the success of an agency is directly related to the willingness of employees to adapt, adopt, and do their jobs – which include using software that makes an agency run well.

And, no, good agency management software doesn’t have to look like facebook. Get over it.

And by the way, call me. I have been there, done that. More than once.