You Can Save the Economy – Go To Las Vegas

I live in Sin City. Where vices are okay, and we rank #2 on MarketWatch’s 10 states with the most homes in foreclosure – a dubious distinction that YOU can change.

In an effort to turn that dismal statistic around, I’m inviting you to come to Vegas!

Yes. It is beautiful here. Right now a little chilly, but clear and sunny and the high is expected to be 61 degrees today. Not bad for January 19. And we don’t have icky bugs.

If you come here, this is what YOU CAN CHANGE.
As cited on MarketWatch, our official unemployment is at 10.8%, and foreclosures are at 2.70%. Neither of which really reflect the truth because there are many of us who don’t bother reporting that we’re unemployed anymore, and there are a lot of houses that aren’t yet really reported as foreclosed – for a couple years (like the house across the street). Oh well.

This nifty little chart shows the national ‘official’ unemployment rate at 7.8% and the U6 rate at 14.4%. The U6 rate in the BLS statistic for Nevada is 21.4%.

U6 is defined by the Bureau of Labor Statistics as:
“U-6, total unemployed, plus all marginally attached workers, plus total employed part time for economic reasons, as a percent of the civilian labor force plus all marginally attached workers.”

Almost everyone I know falls into this category. This is a city that has grown on service and construction jobs. Therefore it’s easy to be marginally employed. Most work multiple jobs to make ends meet.

But that’s all gloomy and I’m all about the economic recovery of Las Vegas and getting my friends employed full-time.

Now for the pitch: do what I tell you.

As a visitor, you don’t have to pay attention to any of that. Because, when you come to Fabulous Las Vegas, you will affect change in our local economy. I like that about you.

Vacation here.
Go to and check out things to do, places to stay and then book your trip. You’ll have a great time here. Plus, there are very cool things to do if you’re not into the casino thing.

Red Rock Canyon is only a 20 miles West of the Strip, Hoover Dam is 35 miles to the East; and Death Valley is a couple hours West.  (Check out Badwater Basin, the lowest point in North America at 282 feet below sea level.) You’ll even learn a little history.

Meet here.
Since the President reversed his opinion on going to Vegas for business, it is okay for you to plan your next meeting here. Fantastic accommodations, reasonably priced; every major airline flies here (and the airport is right near the strip); lots more fun after the convention or conference (you do attend, don’t you?); and did I mention a pyramid, pirate ship, volcano, the Eiffel tower and gondolas?

So check out the place, and request a meeting planner guide. Then plan your conference, meeting or some sort of business thing. Heck, hire me as a speaker. I have an opinion. On everything.

A couple tips for visiting Vegas:
- Casinos are big, so bring comfortable shoes. If you’re out clubbing, stick some flats in that little handbag. You will thank me. If you’re taking a stroll on the Strip, everything looks close. It isn’t – but it’s worth the walk to catch the vibe. There’s a lot to see. Do it in comfort. You’ll thank me again.
- Drink water. Humidity is really low here, and in the summer it is hot. Hydrate – especially if you drink alcohol. Alternate those margaritas-on-a-sling with a bottle of water – or two.
- Spend money. You’re going to take a trip or have a conference somewhere – right? Plan to do it here. We all appreciate you more than those other cities.

I can sense our economy improving.