Welcome to my world. Managing the day-today isn't exciting, but necessary. And when done well, everyone in an agency or in-house marketing department thrives. I've been the person who managed, reviewed, checked, followed-up, pushed-back, facilitated, coerced Account and Creative folks;  pulled all-nighters, and took the heat from all sides.

Project, production, traffic management.  This is not the job for the faint-of-heart, thin-skinned, sensitive type.

In this world, we work to assure that things get done. On time. On budget. Without error. There are times when some feel like they didn't win – and the simple truth? This isn't about winning – you can’t always have your way.

In this blog I’ll provide my view on how stuff works between the Management, Account and Creative world; and share my wisdom of working with hundreds of individuals who are just trying to get their work done without a lot of headaches.

I address process, tools (the software kind), and people – how to get the best out of all of them.

Oh, and by the way, I’m available to do consultation. Just check out the about me page.