here's my reading and resource list...


Farnam Street - If you read nothing else, go to this site. Shane Parrish aggregates information and links to everything that makes you think. Sign up for his weekly emails. Do it.

Clouds 365 Project - Kelly DeLay decided a few years ago he should do something creative every day. This is the result. Beautiful photography plus you'll get a little lesson on weather. I like what he has to say about process. This is my daily diversion.

Ad Contrarian - Bob Hoffman's blog. He's been in the ad business for years. Wry wit and well written. I bought his book too.

The Daily Heller - Steven Heller covers design history and a lot more. 

Anvil Media - Kent Lewis has been sharing information for years. He is awesome. And he's from my hometown.

Mad Mensch - Memoirs of an ad guy who was there.

Recourses - David Baker consults on the deep details of agency operations. He shares a lot of information on his site. I read everything he publishes. You should too.

Laurie Ruettimann - Found Laurie's original site (Punk Rock HR, then Cynical Girl) when I was researching HR and corporate culture. An HR lady with excellent insight on managing people, and she loves cats.

Design Jargon Bullshit - If you're looking for some awesome examples of obfuscation, go no further.


The Corporate Creative - Very good insight on what you should know and do as a creative in a corporation.

101 Contrarian Ideas About Advertising - We've been there and done that. It's nice to know we're not alone.

Death Sentences - Quit using jargon!

Logic of Failure - Sad title and a very good book. You know, when something starts to go sideways, you should just stop and as questions. This covers the thought process of the chain-of-command in epic failure. It applies to small things too.

The Heart of Change - Bringing the human element into change management in an organization.

...and lots more to come.


Advantage - I have used Advantage for several years, and am a preferred Advantage Consultant. This is my favorite software because they addressed everything I needed. Nice.

odds and ends

I live in Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. Come here for a vacation, conference, or check out my favorite -  Red Rock National Park just up the street. Help our economy while you have a great time - 24/7! 

Portland, Oregon is my hometown. Gotta love Portlandia. I miss the food, microbrews, and Cannon Beach. However, I don't miss the rain.

Recommend resources you have found helpful. Contact me.