Wishing I Weren't Here

I used to feel that way.

So I love the new (and brilliant) campaign for British Airways – it just rings true for me. Digital billboards where a little boy points out the (real) plane flying overhead, and the destination with fares are displayed.

The premise (of course you know) is that we (well some of us) look up and wonder where that plane is headed.

I used to do a lot of that.

I lived in Portland, Oregon – where there are a lot of cloudy, dark, rainy days.

Yeah I know it’s a cool, hip place – full of creativity, great bands, awesome food, big trees, a terrific transit system, The Best Micro Brews, friends and family, and rain. It just didn’t provide me enough sunny days to survive. Really.

So I moved to the desert.

Way back, when I lived in Bonny Slope (which is now mostly homes squished together), I cherished summer. I spent the sunny days outside working in the yard, fixing some weird thing on the house (which always seemed to need something done), or my favorite thing: sitting in the sun reading.





I was located on a flight path – don’t know where the planes were going to, or coming from – but I always looked up and wondered if they were on their way to some wonderful, perennially sunny destination.

So, yeah. I did look at planes in the sky and wonder where they’d been and where they were going.

These days, I’m on a flight path that heads out of town. People on planes leaving Vegas.

But now, I just look up and think, ‘thank you for leaving your money.’

When an economy depends on others who need their time in the sun I am thankful. Oh yeah, and that gambling thing helps too.