I Am The Greatest

That is true for Muhammad Ali.

It is not true for software.

That goes for claiming that a specific software solution is the only one that does X.

I guarantee there is something out there that is similar.

Therefore, when you’re looking for a software solution for your agency, (yeah, definitely not as cool as Ali) forget the hype and look at functionality. How it will fit in with your agency workflow (you have that mapped, right?).

And for crying out loud, you do not need it to look like facebook®.

It does need to be user-friendly, integrated, and provide the reports you need to manage your work, your staff and your agency (aka get stuff done and make money).

It takes some research – and do interrogate your sales rep. They may say anything to make a sale, and they’ll give you a super-shiny demo. Give them specifics and have them demonstrate how their software will solve your problem

(I know you are looking at (perhaps new) software because you have a problem.)

And once you sign on the dotted line, be sure to set up the software to suit your agency’s specific needs; get someone who will shepherd the implementation process; train everyone who will be using it; and get everyone on board.

Including management. They can’t just push this stuff down and expect compliance without being part of the solution.

Ali trained his talent